It’s always a treasure receiving a hand-me-down piece of furniture from a loved one. The craftsmanship of antique furniture is rarely matched today. In a day of quickly fashioned and crafted carpentry, it’s a treat to have a piece that is truly unique and beautiful.

However, some people stray from antique furniture because it looks old and worn. This is because it has lived for many, many years and uses. Humble Door Refinishing expands our services from doors to furniture. Our furniture restoration adds new life to the antiques in Humble. Restoration keeps the value of the piece of furniture because the original finish is kept intact. Furniture restoration includes brightening the look of the furniture that may have had damage from exposure to sunlight and giving it new life through some TLC. Furniture restoration is best for pieces of furniture that do not have extensive wood damage.

If you have a piece of furniture that you’d like to fix up but aren’t too concerned about the antique style or label, or if the furniture has major wood damage, we can do furniture refinishing. This strips down the furniture’s old finish and provides a brand new look. The carpentry work will be preserved and a brand new finish makes furniture look just like new.

Are you still a bit fuzzy in the difference between restoration and refinishing? Check out one of our previous blogs that dives into just that.

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