While Humble Door Refinishing can take care of all your furniture restoration needs, you may still be wondering how to best care for your wood furniture in order to keep it looking great for many years. Maintaining the quality of the wood and the quality of the finish can keep your wood furniture nicer for longer.

When it comes to cleaning finished wood furniture, most common household cleaners are too abrasive and can damage the finish. All-purpose cleaners, for example, can be used on plastic-coated wood furniture such as is found on children’s furniture or kitchen tables but should never be used on other finishes such as shellac or varnish. Instead, use soap and water. Be thoughtful when deciding where to start when cleaning wood furniture. If you begin, say, on the inside of a chair leg, you can double check that your soap and water solution is not damaging the finish before cleaning the entire piece of furniture. Your cleaning cloth should be soft and damp, not soaked. When working with wood, it’s always important to be watchful over the amount of water you are using. It works best to dry as you go with an additional soft cloth.

Water is not the only potentially damaging element in your home. If possible, it’s always better to place wood furniture outside of the reach of the sun. Summer heat can be intense, and wood furniture exposed to too much direct sunlight can fade, discolor, dry out, and shrink, the last of which can cause cracking. Too much heat can also toast fine finishes, so place your wood furniture in the shadier areas of your home or try keep your curtains closed.

Wood finishes do wear out eventually, and Humble Door Refinishing’s Furniture Restoration specialists are here to help when it does!