Compared to other household doors, a wood entry door needs more maintenance. Entry doors are exposed to more traffic than internal doors. Entry doors are also constantly exposed to weather extremes. Also, doors made of wood tend to age faster than metallic doors or doors made from synthetic fibers. Humble wood refinishing is a sensible way to bring your door back to life in an affordable and easy way. Leave your door to the professionals who know how to avoid the following mistakes:

Wrongful positioning of a wood entry door while refinishing
Mandy homeowners complicate things by trying to refinish the door while it is still on the hinges. This causes patchy finishing. The best way to position a wood entry door is to place it on a couple of sawhorses.
Mishandling a wood entry door hardware during refinishing
Some people tend to refinish around the existing door hardware. It is best to install the hardware when the door is still on the sawhorses to avoid cracks.
Mishandling stained/paint finishing of wood entry door
The stained finish is about creating a naturalistic, wood like appearance. It is time consuming since each layer of applied finish needs to be completely dry before the next coat is applied. If the process is rushed through, the refinished surface will have an unpleasant, paint like appearance.

It is easy to avoid these critical mistakes by calling in the professionals to make your front door look like new again. We are the experts you need.