Maintaining many properties is a full time job. It’s also a full time job ensuring that all properties are up to par for both maintenance and appearance. The front door to a property is the gateway to a home. It is used many times each day as folks travel in and out, going about their lives as usual. One does not tend to notice a door unless it is exceptionally poor or exceptionally great. Humble Door Refinishing strives to give you the latter for your residents or homeowners.

Wood refinishing gives a door a whole new look. And since it’s the gateway into the home, residents or future residents tend to notice it if it stands out. We want it to stand out in a good way so that people feel welcomed and at home. Refinishing a door is a bit of a lengthy process, but it is one that increases the value of the home or property instantly. On average, we refinish about one door per day, and we have a special right now to refinish a door for just $149. Refinishing a door means stripping it of its finish, sanding it down, and refinishing it with a beautiful new topcoat. It can take away the antiquity value of the door itself because you’re working over the original finish; however, it can be comparable to repainting a car. It’s worth the upgrade.

So whether you’re the manager of a multiunit property residence, like an apartment complex, or the president of your neighborhood’s HOA, working with Humble Door Refinishing is sure to be rewarding for you and your tenants or owners. We offer our wood refinishing services in Humble, Houston, and Austin areas.