The language used in the wood refinishing industry can seem counter-intuitive and can therefore be tricky if you aren’t familiar with it like we are. Keep reading to better understand the difference between wood refinishing and wood restoration, so you can discuss your options with Humble Door Refinishing with confidence. (Note that others in the industry may use these terms differently or even interchangeably. The following information is meant to increase your understanding of these terms as we use them on this site to make our website as helpful as possible.)

Wood Restoration

Though the word “restore” might seem to imply that wood restoration is a complex and lengthy project, when we say it, we refer to our secret three-step process to making your faded, worn out door or furniture look like new. Our restoration process if not meant for extremely damaged doors. It is a fast, convenient service meant to bring life back into a structurally sound piece of wood through cleaning and cosmetic repairs. Because restoration does not remove the wood’s current finish, it is the preferable process to use when trying to keep the original value of the piece. Not every door or piece of furniture will qualify for this service.

Wood Refinishing

Unlike wood restoration, refinishing is a more complex process which includes stripping a piece of wood of its finish, sanding it, staining it, and applying a new finish. With our convenient, quick-drying finish, our refinishing service takes only one day, but it is generally a lengthier process. Refinished wood may lose some of its original value if not handled correctly, so talk to our experts today. We can meet all of your needs in wood refinishing or wood restoration in Houston.